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TablEdit Query - Measure Length

How do you shorten a measure in TablEdit?

I want to create a measure of just two eighth notes duration to insert a couple of pickup notes

I’ve wondered this same question, but then noticed that Ben takes care of the problem with rests within the measure. It makes sense. All measures of a song should be the same length.

So, if you’re leading in a song with 2 - 1/8th notes, you’d need 3 - 1/4 note rests or a half note + a quarter note rest prior to the 1/8th notes. Not sure what the rule is for multiple rests next to each other.

Hi Mark

Can’t use rest’s since there would be a pause in the melody. The pickup notes are part of a repeated phrase in the middle of the tune but the first part of the measure is not repeated. Hence the request for help. I have seen TablEdit TABs with a half measure so it should be possible to create a quarter measure in theory at least.

Hi Mark

I figured it out… Here’s how. Select Time Signature from the Score Menu, Set Count to 1 and Type to 4, Check mark the Pick-up measure box and click ok. The measure will resize


Cool! Thanks for the follow up!