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TablEdit Query - For Mark

Hi @Mark_Rocka I seem to recall you mentioning something about using Dynamics in TablEdit to adjust the volume of an instrument.

Have you managed to figure out how to adjust the volume of a single instrument and if so how do you go about setting up the parameters?

You bet. If you just want to adjust the overall volume of an instrument across its entire track, you’ll find each instrument’s volume slider under the MIDI menu / MIDI Options.

If you’re wanting to adjust the volume of an instrument for a small section, go to that instrument’s page and highlight the notes in the section where you want to adjust the volume. Right click on the highlighted section and choose Dynamics. In the Dynamics window, “fff” is the loudest with each subsequent entry getting quieter. I’ve found anything below “p” (which I understand means “piano”) is too quiet to even hear, and I haven’t messed with anything softer than “mf” (mezzo forte) in that list.

Hope I answered your question.

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Thanks Mark, I try this later gotta head to the bank.