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TablEdit, PDF, and MIDI

Howdy, Ben!
I just bought the full TablEdit for my Mac (I have a few “new” tunes rattling around in my head that I want to commit to paper). Awesome tool, but a rather steep learning curve in the beginning. I know you use it for your TEF files, but do you also use it for your PDF tabs? Also, do use any special MIDI tools for generating TablEdit music? Your backup tracks, etc. sound great; maybe it’s all you (except the metronome), but if you’re using any synth tools that you want to mention, I’m all ears.

As always, input from other forum members welcome!

Thanks in advance.


Hi Michael

Congratulations on your purchase. Next to joining Banjo Ben as a Life Member I would have to say buying TablEdit has to be the second best investment I have made in my quest to learn to play the banjo…

I would agree, I too found it a bit of a steep learning curve but the more you work with it the easier it gets.

If my memory serves me correctly there is a patch you may need for a the midi. On a PC (Windows) I think it is called LAME, it’s years since I installed the my original version and I have lost count of the upgrades since.

You can play TAB using TablEdit ( that’s the way I use it ) or save it as a midi file and I think you can import the files into Audacity free midi software.

You can use TablEdit to print to a PDF file I use CutePDF Writer it too is free software. I am sure there will be Mac equivalent

Here is a link to an introduction tutorial series by Bob Wolford - It’s a few years old, lots of upgrades since this was recorded but it will help you learn the basic. Bob has Tabbed out some great Fiddle TABs with banjo and guitar arrangements. Checkout the Fiddle Hangout

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Thanks, Archie for the helpful tips and video. I’ll check it out!

Hi Michael I think there are a bunch of these videos on Bob YouTube Channel

Cool! Yes, I use it to export my PDF tabs. No special tools for MIDI. Check this out:

Thanks, Ben, good stuff. You also answered a couple of questions I hadn’t even had a chance to ask yet!