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Tab Dependence

Extended from post:
Woody after 3 weeks

Been working on speeding up my first song and am pretty clean at 80 BPM, a little bumpy at 110
BPM. But when not reading the tab, need to drop down to about 50 BPM.

Is this normal? Once you learn the tab should you stay on the tab until you get it up to speed? Or stop reading the tab as soon as you can and build up to speed without it? Thanks for the help.


If you get that much of a drop, it just means you don’t know it that well yet (mentally and/or muscle memory). That’s not a criticism and it is not a big deal at all. Just keep trying without tab periodically and ween yourself from the tab when you get the song better ingrained.

Disclaimer: if you got advice on the other thread to get off the tab, then perhaps ignore my advice. I didn’t go through the other thread.

One strong word of caution… don’t fall into the trap of substituting diet Coke for Tab. It is a trap and you’ll just have a new addiction to deal with.


Glance back at it if necessary but when you’re playing it slow you’re engraining it into your brain…that’s why it’s slow.

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