Swallowtail Jig


We recorded this for St. Patty’s Day but I didn’t get it uploaded to YouTube until today. The boys and I worked up the intro and exit. We are pretty happy with it. Hope you all enjoy it too! Swallowtail Jig


Wow that was brilliant @bob.dion


Nice job, guys! A bowed double bass?? How cool is that? The swallowtail jig always evokes the French and Indian War period for me.


I love the sound of Celtic music on the banjo.


Sounds Great. Fun !!!


That was great! Don’t get to hear a bowed upright very often.

I don’t know if that song has any words, but it’d be a perfect mash up with Horse With No Name.


Outstanding. Just two chords?
A fiddler brought this to a jam I go to so I must get it under my fingers quick.
We have a gal that recently started using the bow a bit. Love that sound.


Excellent! Loved the way you all got quieter toward the end. (working together well). Was that in a minor key?


The two chords were Em and D, which I believe puts the song in the key of G. Maybe?


Yep! Just 2 Chords Em and D


It’s actually in the key of Em.


Awesome tune bob.dion. Thanks for sharing… Is that an Upton superswing bass?? If so I have one too. They are killer…


I wonder if @BanjoBen could use this as a teaching moment for me, because I get really confused about the key a song is in when it leads with a minor.

I remember thinking the song 867-5309 (Jenny) was in F#m because the chords are F#m, D, A, and B. A friend told me to look at the staff notes to see the song is actually in the key of A.

So on this song, I imagined the staff notes for the keys of Em and D and that would seem to put it in the key of G. But, G is not found anywhere in the song, so is it ok in this case to say the song is in Em?

Are there any rules for saying what key a song is in?


Hi @Mark_Rocka love your suggestion. One of my downfalls is not being able to identify the key of a tune when it’s not in the Keys of G, C, D or A . So anything thing to simplify this process would be welcome.

One of the tunes I am currently working on is Shady Grove in Dm which I avoided for years. Now that I am into it I would love to try more tunes in Minor Key’s also in the Key of E and F


If the song comes to rest on a minor key, using many of the chords from its relative major, I say it’s in the minor key rather than the major key.


It’s a Palatino and I’m really impressed with it. I’ve played a bunch of basses and only one has come close to the sound I get out of this one.


Nicely done!