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Suggestion: BPM on tab


Just for reference: Have you ever considered writing a ‘quarter note’ = BPM on the tabs for songs or even exercises like I have seen on piano manuscript or music scores?

I appreciate that we can always can watch the video for “at speed”, I wondered if this had value to those who: 1) Have a whole book of Tabs and 2) strive to meet the performance rate, working up speed over time.

Maybe there is little value after all… but just thought I’d ask.

FWIW, It is in the TEF (Tabledit) file.

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Thanks for confirming @Mike_R. I appreciate the feedback and it probably goes without saying… I don’t use TEF all that much.

Don’t get me wrong… As I know it is handy. Maybe this is yet another (small) reason why I should.

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yep, it’s in the .tef file, and the rhythm track fastest speed is set to the tempo of the performance.

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I totally get it.

It was just a well-intentioned inquiry…

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