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Suggested lesson path(s)

I have looked around the site a little and can’t find any suggested sets of lessons based on level of experience. I’m new to the site so I may just not have found them yet. I’m looking for a list of lessons to take in order so they progressively improve my mandolin playing and knowledge. For example, explaining the keyboard, then explaining basic scales, then explaining the major pentatonic scale. You get the drift.
Is there anything like that on the site?

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Hi Jim. @jicenhower Welcome to the forum!

Have you looked through the Beginners Mandolin Checklist?

Below is the link…it is pretty much in order as to when to learn what.

The intermediate & advanced parts of the site are presented more in a “pick what you want to learn” fashion

This link will bring you to the page for different skill levels. Also the lists on the left have different collections and tags that you can look through.



That’s what I’m looking for. Thanks!


You’re Welcome!

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Welcome aboard @jicenhower. You’ll find that EVERYONE here on the site is more than willing to help you in whatever way they can. That’s what makes this site so great.
Me, on the other hand, I’m not much good for anything, so I;ll just read the posts, and tell everyone else what a great job they are doing, lol.

Enjoy your stay!!!