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Strings....what about them

Ben/ Jake / Robbie: I have tried lots of strings for my banjos. Feel tends to be my biggest concern. But what is with all the options? What’s the difference between nickel plated and stainless? What impact does gauge have on sound? Advice and a tutorial would be helpful for the blessedly less than bright among us. Thanks JH

Great idea on the tutorial! @Jake, let’s get Robbie to come in and do a string rundown.

@jhayesjr1, there are lots of opinions and I’ll be honest–I’m no expert. But I have found what I like. In years past I thought that a medium string would give me more volume and pop, but I’ve found that the light gauge GHS strings are what I like to feel and hear. I go back and forth between the 135 and 140.

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Great Idea. We’ve got something similar on the radar and will get on that!

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