Strings a little high on the fret board


My banjo is on the cheaper end but I’m wondering if this is mostly because its cheaper? The strings are fairly close to first few frets, but as they get closer to the bridge there’s definitely a difference. It makes it harder to play down the neck. It’s not impossible, as I just have to press down harder. I’m wondering if this is just my case and not on higher end banjos?


Hello Robert,

Try this Steve Huber video on banjo setup.

Let us know how it goes.



By the way Robert, I own a beginner banjo Epiphone Mb100 as well.

On the day you upgrade, I’m told it will be like going from a Yugo to a Lexus. :rofl:


I WILL be getting an RK 36 soon…very soon.


I was looking at the RK’s. Is there a big difference between the 36 and the 75 besides the price?


Did you get in on Ben’s stupidly good deal on that RK36 yesterday?


It’s built better with more attention to detail, so the fit and finish is cleaner. It has a slightly longer scale length, and it kind of feels better to me when I play it.


Thanks Ben and thank you @Treblemaker. I adjusted my truss rod for my action and WOW what a difference. Not only is it much easier to play but I feel like it even sounds better. However, I still would love to get my hands on a RK 36 ;). Maybe for Christmas :crossed_fingers:


Not yet…soon, very soon.