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Striking Both Strings

I’ve noticed looking closely at my playing that I don’t consistently hit both strings, especially playing notes on the G string and more frequently on the upstroke. Does anyone have any suggestions or exercises that can help address this? Thanks.

Hey Timmy! Did you watch these lessons?

Of course not! Thank you.

These are great foundational lessons. In addition to what is discussed here, I find that, for me, I need to be sure that my pick stroke stays parallel to the strings as opposed to moving slightly upward. That’s a habit that I think comes from wanting to move quickly to the next note, especially when skipping strings. I’m an intermediate player, but when I play close attention to my playing it’s surprising (and distressing!) how more often than it should I’m hitting just one string or emphasizing one string as opposed to both equally. And then not trying to correct this by playing harder (and increasing tension). I wonder if anyone else has dealt with and overcome this issue?