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Strap lock for end pin on mandolin or guitar with pick up installed

Hi Folks,

I don’t play guitar (yet) but I play mandolin. I have a K&K pickup installed inside my mandolin and it has a BIG end pin where a cable would plug into my pickup and then go to an amplifier. With this Big end pin, I have an issue of keeping my strap attached as the strap hole doesn’t go all the way around the end pin. I know I could cut a bigger opening but I don’t then want the hole to be too big so it is then loose.

Anyone out there in Ben Land have a good strap LOCK mechanism they use on their instrument?



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I personally don’t, but I’ve heard of people getting a 1/4" plug with no cable, and just plugging it into the end pin jack


Cut that strap, little by little!

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I purchased a little piece of plastic called a strap jack. Basically, when you have a cord plugged in, that keeps the strap on. The strap jack is a plastic thing that goes in the jack and keeps the strap captive when not using plugged in. I bought one for each instrument that doesn’t have a traditional endpin and keep them in their respective cases.

In other words, the strap hole doesn’t go over the jack on the instrument. It goes on the cord or (when unplugged) the strap jack. If you use this you don’t have to modify your strap.

@BanjoBen, I recommend these little things. You won’t make much money off of them, but they are worth having if you can find a supplier.


Cool! Gotta get me one.

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