Store "Wishlist"?


@BanjoBen, with Christmas coming, have you thought about a sort of “wish list” feature for your store that we could use to
share with others? Wondering if it’s a worthwhile feature?


Great idea, especially because it involves clearing out some of this inventory. Haha. I’ll see what’s up.


Glad to help!


Someone asked what kind of metronome he should buy in another thread. I want a metroGnome. It would be a garden gnome with a built in metronome. I think his little arm should wave back and forth in synch with the selected tempo. As a bonus, it would be really nice if he could progressively smile a bit broader as the tempo goes north of 200 (or 100, depending on how you count).

That is tops on my wish list.

And I still want a shubbery


@Mike_R… I’m rolling over here…

Yeah, that would be me… LOL. Metronome Suggestions

Would a “MetroGnome” sport one of those short beards, use lotions and get manicures? :joy::joy:

You must first seek Roger the Shrubber…

Would be fun to see a few options in the Tee shirt, hat, Hoodie department. 
   Would be a handy way to find other Banjo Ben Fans at Bluegrass Festivals.


I do have some options here:


Would love to have merchandise with this picture.


Looks like @BanjoBen is wearing a funny crown