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Steve Huber

Hey guys,
I just wanted to let you know that my Huber Workhorse is on the way and the seller sent me the serial number. I called Huber just to leave a message about date of mfg, etc. To my surprise Steve called me right back and was more than happy to talk my ear off about it. It was nice of him to take the time. I only wish I would have been in a position to buy a new one and help with his payroll this week. He laughed at that and said “yeah, sometimes I feel I am my own worst competition.”
So, just let me say he is a great guy and if you ever get a chance to throw some business his way please do. At the very least I have decided to order a new strap from his website to try and help out a bit.


Did you tell him you were a member of my site?

I did. That’s where I told him I was turned on to his stuff.

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Wow. I really need to work on my grammar, don’t I?


Pleased for you Keith.

Make sure to post a video when it arrives.

The edit button is one of my best friends. :wink:

AMEN to the ole EDIT Button… the web site’s best friend!