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Stelling Staghorn

I think this is the most most perfect banjo I have ever held or played.


Wow. What a freaking beauty. Looks as good as it sounds.

On a slightly sad note, out of curiosuty, I ran the blue book value on my car last week. That banjo is worth more than my car. :rofl:


I could watch/listen to you playing that for hours! If someone was foolish enough to hand me one, you’d hear from me sometime in 2027.

:rofl: :joy: :joy: :rofl: that’s not too surprising considering the price

Pretty wood!

In the store ad rim description, is that someone’s name? Tony Pass.

I don’t know if it’s the power of suggestion, or if that’s the best banjo tone I ever heard. I’m going with the latter.

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I don’t know, exactly. I’m guessing it is a name.

here you go.


@BanjoBen @Treblemaker @jonny1 TP Schaeffer Rims
Tony Pass™, maker of the renowned Lost Timbre® block wood banjo rims. Tony’s rims are constructed one at a time, using Timeless Timber sunken old growth wood from the Great Lakes and employing his skills as a master machinist to ensure that each rim is made to exact specifications.
Tony Pass rims are now standard on all new Stelling banjos. Tony can also make a Lost Timbre block rim to fit any resonator or open-back banjo and will stain it to match the banjo’s original rim if needed. The turn around time is less than a week, and each rim is perfectly custom fit to the tone ring and flange.(courtesy of Tony He has a website you can visit. All i can say is “Thank You” internet.
image Stelling Rims
Tony Pass is a machine designer with thirty years experience. He is also a master gunsmith and builder of competition grade rifles. Late in life Tony became interested in banjos, and his fascination with the instrument led him to construct an openback rim for his personal banjo. During this process he became interested in the varied properties of the wood he was working with. Tony began to experiment with various new and old woods, ultimately developing the much-acclaimed Lost Timbre™ block rim. All of Tony’s rims are built using wood from Timeless Timber™


I have one of these awesome rims if anyone is interested…