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Stage Injury

Ha! I knew that title would get your attention! However, after watching a lot of stage performing especially with a single vocal mike, I am wondering if there are any known instances of any performers making a wrong move and taking a fiddle bow to the eye? Sometimes when there is a lot going on it looks like one wrong move and BAM! … you’re singing pirate songs.

Don’t know about that, but when I saw the opening act for Van Halen, the guitar player came running out to the front of the stage to hit a big power chord to start their show. He took a big leap, and just as he struck the chord, he came to the end of his guitar cable and it popped out. Nothing by silence.


Must have been in the days before wireless!:grin:

1980…Binghamton, NY. “Have you seen Junior’s grades”?

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I think I’d rather get poked in the eye. :smile:

I asked a friend about his most embarrassing stage experience.
He told me of his rock band in the 80’s. Big hair and platform heels.
They were second on the show. When it was their turn, they rushed onstage. The guitar player snapped a string while passing to close to the piano… my friend lost the heel to his shoe.
They spent the first 10 minutes of their set, changing a string and pounding a heel back on.

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