Squeaky strings


My strings squeak as i move my hand from chord to chord. Is this normal? It sounds really loud to me. I have thought about using powder on my fingers but would love some advice on this.


You sure it’s the strings and not your hands and bones creakin??

Maybe you need Mean Mary’s Sweet Pickin Balm!


Hi John

Everybody’s strings squeak, try pressing more lightly on the wound strings as you move between chords in particular the fourth string which seams to be the loudest. The trick is to learn partial chords and slide on the first two strings then press on the 3rd & 4th when your over the desired chord.


Everyone goes through this issue. Other than what Archie already said, there’s really nothing to be done. Even old pros have squeaky strings.


It is fairly common, but if it’s too loud and annoying I would try different strings and/or clean my strings with something like this: https://store.banjobenclark.com/collections/instrument-care-maintenance/products/kyser-string-cleaner


Thank you all for your feedback. The wound strings are definitely the loudest. Maybe it is my joints, Mean Mary here i come.