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Special Guests in the Cabin

I’m stoked to have some special guests coming to the Cabin soon, and hope to make it a fairly regular happening. In the next few weeks I’ll record lessons with Penny Lea (my sister) on mandolin doublestops in solos, Tony Wray on melodic crazy lick banjo, and Zeb Snyder on hybrid picking/bends on guitar.

If there’s something in particular you’d like to me to ask these folks, let me know below! Also, what do you think of the guest teacher format? Anything to change or improve? Anything you particularly like? You can see examples:

Tony Wray:
Jed Clark:


I’d like to see if Katy would come back and finish teaching us the rest of New Moon. It’d be cool to see how she handles the backup parts of it considering the song is in D.

On a slightly separate note, it blows me away how much she does on banjo while singing. The Clark talent pool runs incredibly deep.


Your sisters are special. Every time you have them on, I enjoy it and learn. I got a ton out of both the Tony and the Zeb lessons. Those guys are both a bit unusual in some (good) ways, and that is the beauty of it. I am learning stuff I wouldn’t have unless I stumbled onto it on my own. You mentioned hybrid picking on the horizon… Yay!!! Any thoughts towards a primer for its cousin chicken pickin?


Oh yah beauty! You must be reading my thoughts @BanjoBen I had the notion to ask what plans you had for the website over the fall and winter.

On my wish list would be JD Crowe, Charlie Cushman, Russ Carson and Marteka and William Lake should they come visit the cabin. It would be great to learn some of their Backup style

Be great to finish the Waypoints series with the lesson in D, I think this has already been requested

Other topics which I think might prove popular are playing Up the Neck, Boggie Woggie and Tremolo/Steel Guitar style as popularised by the Late Don Stover. I realise you’ve covered some of these topics before but I am running out of fresh suggestions.

Maybe some lessons in different tunings. Drop C and D Tuning f#DF#AD I always think tunes in these tuning sound so much more exciting.


Oh nearly forgot, I love to see Katy back in the cabin, but hey let her do some of the talking next time. :rofl:


Amen @Mark_Rocka

Yipeeeeeeee. @BanjoBen liked my post could that be an indication that my wish list will be fulfilled? Or am I simply reading too much into this…

How about Ricky Skaggs, Vince gill, and Doyle Dykes. (Although I’m not sure where he’d fit in) maybe also David grier, Ron Block and Bryan Sutton

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How about Tony Rice? Maybe Emmylou and Lori-ann Hubbard

I think your wish list is a bit more ambitious than mine. @K_G :sunglasses:

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Only a little bit… :wink:

That’s why it’s called a “wish” list

If we are wishing… Bill Monroe!


Well I managed to keep my wishes to living people or Earl Scruggs and Dr. Ralph Stanley would top my list for sure

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It does help if the guests are still breathing and their heart’s are still beating :heart:


I think Marty Stuart would be awesome.

I think he could be a fit because he believes in expanding the influence and exposure of AMERICAN music… so what better way than to influence the Banjo Ben membership?


I agree Marty would be a great choice, I didn’t ask for him cuz I don’t have a mandolin (yet)


@BanjoBen as far as teaching style goes, I like how you keep it nice and slow for us. I think both Tony and Jed would have gotten way above our head if you didn’t stop them and ask them to explain certain things. Great job on getting those guys in!


How about getting Justin Moses and Sierra Hull to teach their arrangement of cattle in the cane? Or anything else they can impart

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Could you get Molly Tuttle to teach some clawhammer guitar? That would be rad