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Speaking of Carter Vintage Guitars

This is about as raw and pure as it gets!

What a joy that must be… Father and son or any family members getting to do that! Those of you who can, you’re very blessed!


Great video. If you have some time get on YouTube and search “family strings”. It’s a full concert he did with his dad earlier this year just the two of them and their guitars. It’s awesome. strong text


And they are good guys…fun to pick & hang out with.

Terry’s stepbrother (Boomers uncle) Brad and the grandfather (passed away now) also play scruggs style banjo.

I’ve pulled Bass on a couple shows with Terry Brad & Bill before the youngster moved to Nashville.

They’re all from about 1/2 hr drive from here.


I’ll check that out when I have some time… Thanks Scott!

It seems there’s a lot of real talent up your way Dave! One of my favorite groups (you most likely know them) is “Detour”). I don’t think they’re together anymore. That whole band is hugely under rated and do not get near the recognition they deserve! Missy Armstrong (in my opinion) has an incredible voice and can sing as well (if not better) than any female vocalist out there. Maybe she’s getting some recognition now, I don’t know (cancelled my Sirius subscription), but I think she’s right up there with Amanda Smith, Sonya Isaacs, Allison Krauss, etc!

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yes, there’s some good talent from around here.

I know most of Detour quite well.
Missy has been fairly busy and has done a few bigger things.

Lloyd Douglas (banjo) plays off & on with Mike Cleveland (and his brother Chris is now playing bass for Mike full time). Chris & lloyd are very good friends of mine. Lloyd used to keep me up all night showing him guitar licks at festivals when he was really young…Chris used to get mad when his Dad & Brother asked me to play his bass for a while so he could learn something from it…haha…he’s far beyond me as a musician now

Peter Knufler (fiddle) and I were in three different bands together. for short stints.

The others run with a different crowd and i don’t know them quite as well.

Green Sky Bluegrass is from 1/2 hour south of me.

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys (now in Nashville) are from around here also.


Sounds like you’ve had some good experiences over the years… and made some good friends and memories as well!