Spare quarters


Since that’s what I called this thread, I’ll ask, have any of you used a quarter as a pick? On to my real question, I saw the pics of BC picks in the BBCGS, do BC picks really have a quarter design on the back? And is that all of them, or just an option?


Used a penny on guitar many times, when I didn’t have a pick at hand.


No, that is just a quarter sitting there for a size reference. That would be kind of cool to have a spare quarter with your pick though!


Did you find the tone/performance of it to be good or bad?


Ok, that makes sense


That’s just 25 cents off of your purchase price. :grinning:


I have friends that swear by quarters that have been modified by grinding. However, I am not really a fan.


It definitely gave it a totally different tone, and quite honestly not so desirable. I would say it is a bit more difficult to play, because it makes for a smaller pick (less grip), plus it is very thick and rigid. Not something I would seek. Just used it when I didn’t have a regular pick close by.


Yeah, I tried with some coin (African currency don’t remember which) and noticed pretty much the same thing, and I’ve started liking bigger/stiffer picks so can’t wait till I visit a real country again to try some large triangle picks