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Sometimes you play like a nut, sometimes you don't: Hittin' all the right strings clean and fast

So just took a working-from-home break, grabbed my banjo and played Unclouded Day flawlessly! Why is it that sometime you just pick up your instrument cold and bang out something so clean and fast? Maybe it’s because we’re all celebrating Earl’s BD this week and I’m taking some of his inspiration. Maybe it’s because it’s Friday. Maybe it’s because Almond Joy IS my favorite candy bar. dunno.


You got me, but I am all too familiar with the phenomenon. Sometimes I think I’m actually getting proficient, the the next minute I can’t play a G chord!
Right now I seem to be struggling with playing clean. So I slow everything down & still screw up!
It seems like the more I try to focus, the worse I play. If I just let go & relax, magic comes out of my fingers!
I just can’t seem to find the switch that turns it on & off.


@BanJoe couldn’t agree more. it’s all part of the journey and i’m loving every minute of it … :banjo:


I’m working on Kenny Smith’s Studebaker on banjo right now and I’m having some good passes, and some that are what you’d call opposite of good.


Happens to all of us just keep practicing :slight_smile:


One struggling player to another: illegitimi non carborundum!!!

Just keep playing


I love it when you talk Latin!
I used to know an Army colonel who had a plaque prominently displayed with that very inscription!
Yes, I know what it says.
No, I’m not telling. :scream:

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