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Something nice

I have been beating myself up over regaining my proper use of timing/tempo got so mad at myself even thought of giving up (just for a moment) so took two days off then got back at it with new energy. I was keeping my in practice sheet music (tabs) in a paper folder it was getting worn out and looking bad so I ordered a music folder it is made by Easter real leather cover three ring binder and works great. ( I have all my tabs in document protectors and keep what I’m not using in a large 3 ring notebook. I am back to doing my best, my music teacher I had in high school never asked more then 100% but he demanded your 100% I didn’t know how much his teaching would stay with me, I forgot how to read sheet music but never forgot the 100%. Now I am enjoying playing again, guess sometimes you got to treat yourself. And thank you Mr. Nicholson.


As a Beginner, I’m beginning to sense a recurring problem. I have suffered from it as well.

Once, while playing golf with my father, he had a spectacular round. I hadn’t played with him in years, and I was really impressed by the way he made shot after shot.
We played again the next day and he stunk up the joint as badly as me. And then a bit of fatherly wisdom passed his lips.
“You know what the problem with this game is? You think a day like I had yesterday is your norm.”

Most days we just stink at the banjo, too. But on some days the magic happens!
Practice makes those days more common, but we end up hearing in our mind one step better than we can play.
And foolishly, we let that discourage us rather than realizing that’s the sound we will play next!

BTW- I have a 3-ring binder filled with tab sheets too!
I think I’m practicing to be a hoarder.


Looks like I’m in GOOD company! As another inflicted beginner’s beginner I think we hear and want to be so good so soon it get’s in the way of what’s really going on. We are improving just not as fast as our minds eye would let us. Rome was not built in a day but has stood the test of time! Let’s remember we’re just scratching the surface and there’s a bit of road left to travel so let’s give ourselves a break and remember to HAVE FUN!!! That’s why we started this journey in the first place rite? Just sayin, Happy Pickin P.s. I love my golf like I love to play the Banjo I’ve been playin my whole life and still when that great round come’s I think I can give those pro’s a run!!! then I wake up and go to the day job :rofl: Just like the Banjo I’m not that good. But keep going back for more and lovin it !:sunglasses: