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Some inspiration

This is one of my favorite examples of mandolin virtuosity, and demonstrates two very different styles of stage presence, and, in my opinion, kind of shows the difference between f and a styles, and the people who play them.


Another difference is that Tim is stoic and Chris makes lots of funny faces and moves around.

I am in the funny faces camp, but I have working for years towards being more stoic. :crazy_face:

Seriously… great playing. Love the rhythm playing too.


Yeah, and on top of being stoic, Tim’s attire appears to have cost 10$ if that, whereas Chris is wearing an expensive suit. That’s what I here:

I’m fairly stoic on banjo, and more expressive on guitar and fiddle


Man… Did I dig watchin’ THIS! @Dragonslayer, thanks for posting and I am quite amazed by the contrasts.


@Dragonslayer & @Mike_R,

Guys, do you really think there is something to the overall and general contrasts between those who choose an “A Style” versus “F Style”?

In one sense, the notion seems silly to me… Because most players at this level probably have multiple instruments and variations… and there playing style is consistent when switching.

That said… maybe there is something subtle about the way an F Style sound and feel may impact great players?



I don’t think there’s a playing style difference, but there’s definitely a personality difference. People who exclusively use A styles are more likely to be more practical and those who use Fs care more about aesthetics. Now, some people actually just like the A look better, but usually it’s for practical reasons

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The A style is a bit more mellow or woodsy but Personally I think it is more about the personality of the player.
If you lean more toward folk or fiddle tunes you pick A style and if you are more bluegrassy you tend to pick F style. But I guess budget can come into play as well.


What Chris said :+1: