Some days I'm just rubbish!


It’s not always easy to get in the practise time you need with family commitments. However, some days if I have missed 2-3 days getting in some practise I can pickup the banjo and feel I’ve lost months…hitting wrong strings and just not getting it together. Another time I can miss days and play better. It’s really weird how up and down being a novice banjo player is. Anyone else get that?


All the time. Some days it’s really frustrating trying to play. I make sure my posture is correct, my hand placement is right, and my tempo isn’t too fast. If that’s all ok, then I try to slow things down a little and let my fingers warm up. That usually fixes the problem after 10 or 15 minutes.

If not, I just set the instrument down and come back later. I don’t want to practice mistakes.


I’d say it happens to all of us, and with any instrument. Try to not let it discourage you. An occasional lousy practice session is just part of the deal. :+1:


Yes ME 2.


YES, ME TOO!!! you’re not alone


I have the same experience. My goal when I practice is to finish the song regardless of mistakes along the way. I myself can play slow, intermediate or sometimes fast and make a mistake just about anywhere but I find if I can play thru the mistakes and finish the song I’ve done ok. I can go back and work on problems after that. I remember a time when a mistake would stop me right in my tracks and that was pretty frustrating.


Haha…I think what you would call a bad playing day Ben, would be just a tad short of brilliance :sweat_smile: However, i’m glad it’s not just me as it can dent your confidence really bad some days. You just think aaw…i’m just never gonna play smooth and clean enough. However I’ve only been pickin 18 months so I guess that’s not long really in the scheme of things. :wink: