Some Christmas humor for December


I know that December is not everybody’s fav. month. Due to loss of job, loss of family or friend or just the cold snowy month or just a cruddy year. I just want anyone to know that “You are here for a reason, be it for family or friends or yourself”. I personally am not a big fan of either Nov. or Dec. I lost my wife on Dec. 2, 2011, so Thanksgiving and Christmas hit rather close to home. That doesnt mean that the other 10 months are a joy, but “life goes on”, the sun WILL rise tomorrow. So, being the “Joker, smoker, midnight tok…uh…never mind that last one” i am going to find some funny things to post and make everyone at least giggle some and it is my deepest hope that “EVERYBODY” enjoys them. I also want you to know that I care about everyone of you and you are the teachers, the inspirers, the calm and logical voice on every post, even though we have not or may not ever meet, it is my wish for this month that it is “Enjoyable one with the ones you hold truly close to your heart”. Heres to the upcoming 2019, may all your dreams and wishes come true. So with that little speech (sorry for the ramble), I present the first funny.






Nothing like a big smile or some laughter! Life would be pretty dull without it. Thanks for sharing that!




:rofl: :joy: :laughing: :rofl: those are awesome!






Those are laugh out loud Hilarious! :rofl:


Thanks for Sharing
May God Bless You


I don’t wish to leave any of the lady banjo players out…


And for all the “Inked” guys/gals who were or might be thinking of a new Tat.banjo%20tatoo%202 banjo%20tatoo%204 banjo%20tattoo%206


I think I can honestly say I’ll never be THAT dedicated to the banjo. :laughing:


I can’t leave all the drummers, guitar and singers out of this. banjo