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Snuffy Smith Bridge

Hi Yall

is there any US friends on here who has or can get me a Snuffy Smith 5/8 Radius 14 compensated 3rd bridge and post to UK

i just cant find one in the UK

Big thanks

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I’ll do it for you, @Lee_G, but the USPS just shut down all international shipments. If you’re willing to pay the FedEx rates, we’ll get you one.


Hi Ben

What would the FED ex rate be?


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You can go here and fill out the information for your shipping address and see what it quotes you:

You can then email and ask them to confirm that rate and give them your shipping address. Sometimes the live quote you get on the site is higher than what we can actually get it for. In those instances we always refund the purchaser.

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ok thanks


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Things are just crazy right now, I’m sorry. Please email to get more details and the store guys will fill you in.

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