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Smithville Jamboree

He does that down here @ Athens every year too.

And yeah, seems like alot of the same folks we see as well.



He even struggled with saying Beaumont :slight_smile:


Poor guy… From beyuemont, Mister Gunner Slayer. It sounded like a stage name at a metal guitar competition. That said, I freely admit, that Gunnar has a unique name, so I give him some slack.

This is kind of like a uTube version of where’s Waldo? Still finding all the appearances, but very well done!!! I was thinking your banjo sounded really good and then I looked to see what kind it was :slight_smile: Yay!


The announcer… !
That was entertaining on it’s own.
As a girl with the name Simone, who frequently gets called “Simon” :confounded::woman_facepalming::rofl: by folks who dont know me & are expecting a guy not a girl, I can definitely associate when hearing other name faux pas …
I’m certainly not excluded from name mispronunciation. When I first met Gunnar, I incorrectly pronounced his last name “Solyer” (short “o” sound) when in fact its “Salyer” (just like it’s spelled, short “a” sound) which he promptly corrected me on :grimacing::grin:!


No. I thought about it, but then found out I’ll be flying to Africa on the 11th of that month, which is right in the middle of the convention.

I thought that when listening to the video also… it’s a good’n

That’s the most common mistake, and I don’t mind it that much, but it’s easier to correct it as I hear it so then those people will spread the proper pronunciation


Those guys are regulars at all the contests around here. They were at the GA state fiddlers convention and Weston also competed in a band at SPBGMA.


Dude! You are so talented and gifted! How on earth do you have time to be so proficient in so many instruments!?!

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Thanks!! It was a lot of practice hours