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Slow starter

I have been playing for about a year. In that year I am still working on the beginner tracks and not all the way through. I hope I am not alone I do try to practice and no less than 20 min at a time.


Hey Bryon! You are definitely not alone. I first picked up a banjo about 33 years ago. Today, I know about 20 songs. So, you’re probably ahead of me on the learning curve. :slight_smile:

Just do what you can when you have time and enjoy the ride.

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You’re getting a good foundation built…that takes time.

Enjoy the adventure and don’t worry about “levels”. Things are only split up that way as a way to organize the leraning process.

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I can only echo what everyone else says. I’m sure you will also find that your learning won’t progress on a steady curve. You will get spurts of improvement and stagnation. Sometimes there will be long periods of ‘non improvement’ or at least that’s how it feels. However, all the time your brain is processing all of this and muscle memory is being improved. Then out of the blue you will suddenly be able to play those awkward passages that eluded you before. That’s how it was and continues to be for me anyway.
So do not worry about quantity of tunes or stages that you are at. As @fiddle_wood says, your building a great foundation. Enjoy playing. :+1:

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Hi Bryon

There really is no set path to learning as everyone has different abilities and mind sets so don’t beat yourself up about it. The main thing is to keep enjoying it and you will progress and like Jono says you will have spells of fast progression and spells of slow progression but every time you pick you are adding to your bargain and muscle memory

Keep picking pal :+1:


Bryon, there are absolutely others in the same boat. Everyone has their own pace so don’t focus on that. Just practice when and where you can and do it for the enjoyment of it.

Use the forum and the video swap, if you’re not shy like me. It’s a wonderful resource and there are lots of helpful and supportive people here and Ben joins in as well with his advice on a personal level. I hope to see more of you :slight_smile:


Welcome, @bkm4837, and let us know if you have any questions! We’re all in it together!

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Now I KNOW someone is fibbing…:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It ain’t me. :slight_smile: