Skyway Pier Fishing


Some good fishing off the Skyway Fishing Peir Saturday. Caught some spanish mackerel and snapper. Only one snapper was a keeper. Got to be 10 inches or more. And it’s the law you have to use circle hooks and that makes it a chalenge to hook em. Still lot of fun when there biting.


Man, that sounds like a good day!


Any day fishing is a good day. When you actually catch fish, it’s just a bonus.


Those snapper are really good eating. That looks like a Mangrove Snapper. Nice catch.


Used to see folks fishing from there all the time when I lived down there. Heard there was some monster groupers just waiting to be caught!

Butch B.



Yes some monster grouper for sure. Course I didn’t catch any. The dolphins were jumpin, herds of stingray. One guy caught a baby shark.
And I made a new friendIMG_4119




I went out again today with my neighbor Joe. He has a boat so we anchored under the Skyway and by did we hit the jackpot. Fish dinner tonight.IMG_4158IMG_4160IMG_4162




I envy you! We never catch fish like that off any pier in GA… you’re lucky to catch a red or trout. I’m headed to Port St Joe this weekend for some inshore fishing. I absolutely love fishing there. It’s awesome that you can see the trout before they hit