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Skaggs & Rice on Good Friday

On the advice of @BanjoBen in his Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies lesson, I bought the Skaggs & Rice album a couple days ago and it’s amazing. It’s just the two of them picking and harmonizing; so pure. I’m playing it this morning while on line going through the forum.

On this Good Friday, which is always an emotional day for me, a severe storm hit an hour ago with extreme winds, thunder and lighting and a pouring rain and some of these songs are so moving. It just all seems so appropriate considering the significance of this day.


I practically lived that album for a couple years. A true classic!

Used to do those tunes with a friend a lot. I’ll neveer forget my Mom making me come and listen to the radio…“you have ot come hear this! You and Fred are on the radio!” hahaha…nope Skaggs & Rice…guess we were getting a little close anyway…hehe


That is one of my favorites. I liked the Blake and Rice albums, but the Skaggs and Rice album is on a level by itself. There is one clanker note on there. I think it was during a mandolin solo. It stuck out like a sore thumb. I wondered why it was left there and then it hit me. If I was recording for 40 minutes with 2 folks and 4 mics, how many clankers would I leave behind? I think the clanker was almost a tribute to the simple way that album was recorded (basically just a live recording done in a studio). It is hard to imagine that level of musicianship!