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Site suggestion: Full-Site Song Index

Just had an idea for the site. Point me in the right direction if I missed this. It would be great to have a full-site song index with links to the lessons for each instrument. As is guitar tradition, I’m exploring the banjer and mando lessons for licks I can rip off for guitar. For example, the Lonesome Road Blues lesson is banjo-only but the backing track is useful to anyone learning that tune. Thanks for such a great site!


That is a great idea, I would totally use that.


Hi Dave, The site already has a pretty comprehensive index to every lesson,

Just click on your instrument of choice and you will be offered up three choices. Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. Choose the level you are at and a list of lessons in that category will be presented to you.

Select the lesson of your choice and you will see on the right of your screen just below the lesson preview a list of instruments linked to that lesson.

There are hundreds of lessons on this site and to catalogue each and every detail would prove to be a mammoth task and pretty time consuming to boot.

I have had subscriptions to other major banjo sites and none come close to the detailed info and ease of access you’ll find here.

If your struggling to find something just yell and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.


Thanks Archie! I think I found the solution. I was navigating to the Search page through the instrument page, i.e. Guitar search. I didn’t realize you can clear the search for guitar only. Then I can search all instruments at the same time. Problem solved! Thanks for your help!