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Singing with rolling backup

This is a pretty common topic around here, so I figured I’d share this video, which is an excellent example


great Gunner thanks for sharing


Here is a singing with no backup… just recorded it today… :slight_smile: Hope the link works.

Mike Lilley was pretty fair at backing himself up on the five.

This performance is classic Mike


Just found this one. This girl is better than me :sob:


Rocky Top must be a good song for this singing & rolling banjo backup you speak of… this video (yes a video this time & not audio clip lol) is my two sons about 3 years ago (ages back then 13 & 15) doing Rocky Top with the rolling backup. Most of the songs he picks & sings he does this way, so I never really took notice of it before. (Plus I know nothing about playing banjo…) Hope you enjoy…


It’s one of the few I can play backup and sing at the same time.

I watch Katy Lou play and sing and I’m just like


I think Sydney is just using an alternating thumb for her backup. I could hear the constant, bom, bom, like a bass

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Yeah, I think it was just a basic square roll, but that’s impressive at her age. It’s a great place to start. Throw in some forward and backward rolls and you can make it sound very full.

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