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Silver Pick Memebership question

I am saving up for a gold pick membership, but while I’m waiting I decided to try out the silver pick membership trial. I am curious if I will be able to view my 3 unlocked lessons after the trial expires until I can save up enough money for the gold pick, or will they be locked again? Thanks


Hey Nathan! Welcome to the board!

The 3 lessons you unlock will be available as long as you need them. Here’s what the FAQ has to say about the Silver Pick membership.

“ What is a Silver Pick membership?

This is a free account that allows you to access free content, receive email updates (if wanted), and post in public areas of the forum. It begins with the chance to unlock 3 member lessons in the first 7 days, which are then yours to keep! It can always be upgraded to a Gold Pick membership without creating a new account.”

So pick 3 good ones and enjoy! Looking forward to seeing your progress!


Hi Nathan welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum. I’d just add to @Mark_Rocka 's comments and say, nowhere on the WWW gives out this kind of FREE trial. As a life member of close on 10 years I can say with hand on heart you’re gonna love it here. It’s like Santa’s Grotto


I second the other 2 posts… or would that be a third :thinking: