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Silent Night.. Christmas is coming soon

They say: Christmas is coming soon … it won’t be long … I don’t have much time left to play it perfectly … It will never be perfect either … I`m as always open to comments, suggestions, suggestions for improvement and criticism. .:slightly_smiling_face:


That’s sounding very nice!! :clap: I’d say it’s all ready for Christmas! Leaves you time to perhaps get another one down before it comes :grin:!


bravo Beautiful tune beautifully played @Severin I recorded this a few years back loved working on it.


OK. “Every party has a pooper & that’s why they invited me.”
IMHO, you played very well. Maybe you should play it differently.
“Silent Night” was written because the church organ was broken. There would be no music for Christmas. The simplicity of the melody reflects the silence of a winter’s night.
That said, maybe you should try playing it with fewer rolls & pinches. Let some of the single notes of the melody hang out there in the stillness of the night. Let the note sink into your soul rather than carry it away on a roll or pinch.
This is a mere suggestion meant in the proper spirit of peace on Earth to men of good will.


But… that’s not the way Earl did it… :confused:

Great job @Severin!!


Man, loved it. Especially those quick little filler rolls at :20 and :29 seconds, also the harmonics to close it out. I’m working on the guitar version this year but will certainly try this one too. Anyway, really enjoyed it. Merry Christmas.


Beautifully played, @Severin!

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HI @BanJoe that’s how @BanjoBen arranged the lesson. Check it out here


Why am I not surprised. I reckon we all hear different music in our heads.
Years before I ever heard of Banjo Ben Clark, I stumbled across a YouTube of a couple women playing a beautiful hymn on banjo & mandolin. The song was “Be Thou My Vision.” It is a lovely old Celtic melody, and the beginning of the song is low, slow and enchanting. Then the girls kick it into high gear, "until you lose the beauty of the melody (Chuck Berry-"Rock 'n Roll Music.)
Turns out, the girls call their band the Purple Hulls! :confounded:

The next time I hear “Silent Night” I guess I’ll be the guy in the crowd yelling out “Yee Haw!” :grin:

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for breakfast. Today I’m eating crow.


Those girls play too many notes! :joy::joy::joy:


Enjoyed it and well played . Not a banjo player nor ever will be (Can hear the Boo’s and Hisses already). But here I am listening to a Banza do note often that it gets mentioned that things do or do not align with Bens arrangement. I adore this site and follow the guitar lessons well but never replicate. Not out of any disrespect . Ben gives the detail of a piece I toy around with it. For me I have played a lot of folk backing noisy instruments I have a tendency to hammer whole Chords . On occasions I add and on occasions I take away. Being across the lake I noted that I play chords that are more in Tony Wray’s catalogue.

Must actually finish off what I have started with Wayfaring Stanger and put up and shut up on the site. But actually mid Finger Picking week at the moment, next week lead and then Open G so Bluegrass a few weeks off again.

But to the point and have self indulged for Britain this morning enjoyed it well done!


Will that Crow be with Custard or Gravy Joe? When I am having Humble Pie I prefer Custard!

I thought it was well played and acknowledge that but also take your less is more point as well!

As players we should perhaps put up are own alternatives as well!

Be sure to tell them I said so. At least then, if I ever make it to Banjo Camp, I will know who is hunting me with a slingshot! :grimacing:


I’m afraid I’ll have to choke this down without any tasty topping.
I just hope I can swallow it with my foot in my mouth as well.

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Joe you are one of the reasons I keep coming back have a great day!


Don’t feel bad @BanJoe I sometimes feel @BanjoBen over plays some of his arrangements particularly the advanced melodic lessons. But I also know he does this to challenge his students. If every lesson was the basic melody we would soon get bored. I found this working with other teachers. Who teach the basic stuff over and over and every lesson no matter what the melody is sounds the same.


That song is ready, Great job!


Great job Severin!

“I don’t understand. There are just as many notes, Majesty, as are required. Neither more nor less.” - Mozart in the movie “Amadeus”


many thanks for your numerous comments! I appreciate it very much. I didn’t really think about it that silent night should sound easy. although that’s certainly true. this is not my own version either, because i don’t have one yet. but the version that @Banjoben plays in his lesson. I just like this version very much. i don’t have anyone in my environment who understands bluegrass music, that’s why i post it here to get your opinions and to improve myself. thank you again for your nice words. :slightly_smiling_face:


I guess I demonstrated that I don’t understand it either…but I sure do enjoy it!

BTW- Great picking!

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