Shopping with Ben


Greetings all,
Not seeing a review yet on the store, here’s my experience. Bottom line: A+ and extra credit. After watching the last event, I decided to buy some stuff from the store and picked picks. I thought I got one of each, but didn’t see the second Bluechip thumb pick, but got the other two. The bluechip flat and thumb picks are intriguing – I think I’m gonna like 'em. Also got one or two of all the others. So as for the ordering and all, it is as good or better than Amazon. Quick to set up the cart and pay and very intuitive none of the nonsense you see on some e-commerce sites. Minutes after ordering I got three emails from the BBC store, letting me know the order went thru and was ready for shipping. Ben also hooks you up with the USPS tracking so you know what’s going on with the order. That really worked well (go figure --it’s the post office!). I really appreciate Ben’s pedagogical mission here, but the Clark’s can’t subsist on feelings! Go buy some stuff! :wink:


Great post! I’m giving my wife lots of links to stuff in the store for Christmas ideas. I need a different Banjo Ben shirt for every day of the week. :slight_smile:


I ordered a banjo strap and before I knew it, a drone landed in my yard. :grin: Plus I got a cool Banjo Ben guitar pick.


Thanks for the feedback Dan. I’d love to place an order with Ben for Recording King but shipping costs, import duty, insurance and VAT to the UK just pushes it out of my budget range.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::sob:


Amen and amen. Thanks!


I’m saving my coins for a new banjo. I played a Deering Sierra a few weeks ago and it was night and day difference between my Korean made banjo. I really like the way the Recording Kings sound too so hopefully I can land one soon.


Let me know! I can get you that Sierra as well :slight_smile:


I sure will!


can you fix Huber too and ship outside us? Nah I would not risk ship it over seas. We only have 1 store in the hole country that knows banjos. And he wasn’t allowed to sell Huber any more. My dream to own one faded away.


About 15 years ago I shipped a guitar to Japan. It was only $70 US. Have things changed, or is Japan different than other countries?


i was thinking more of the hazzle if something is broken or need to return it and such. always simpler to have a store more locally :slight_smile:
then i just take it there and he have to manage all the hazzle


I shipped a Goodtime from Montana to NY last year and it cost me $68.


Yeah, my shipping prices around the country are in the $40-60 range.


I wish I lived that side of the big pond.


I’ve had my Sierra (maple) for five years and have no regrets! Also have had the RK-35 and for the price it is hard to beat. i’m not sure you can go wrong with either one!