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Shipping charges


I am a lifetime member and just tried to order my fav Blue Chip pick!,
Man oh man…what happened with the shipping cost on this product! The pick is $35.00, and the shipping is $103.00…and that’s U.S. dollars, thank you very much. Not what we paid last time for this already expensive pick. No can do, Banjo…DISAPPOINTED! ROBERT

Hi Robert, where are you located. I am pretty sure all deliveries in mainland US are shipped free. Check with @Jake or @BanjoBen

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If you’re in the US, I’d double check to make sure something else wasn’t in your cart, or the same pick wasn’t in there multiple times. I think shipping is free if you spend $50, so add one of those cool, hand made soaps or some strings to the order. :+1:

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Howdy, I can promise you that something is awry. I don’t make it a habit to charge $100 more than I should. Bear with us as we get it figured out, thanks!

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I’m here to tell you that you can nip your disappointment in the bud! The shipping module had a bug in it and shipping charges to good ol’ Canada are now closer to average winter temps. Thanks!