Sharp, pointy things


I have been interested in knives for years. Almost as long as music. Anyone else share this interest?


Like pocket knifes or them big ol’ Kitchen knives?


i think ALL guys have at least some interest in knives. I’ve thrown them on and off for a few years but now my target board died a slow pointy death so i haven’t flung daggers in a while


I love a good knife, though I’m not an expert. A friend sent me a vintage Benchmade Emerson model last week, model CQC7.



Also, Bobby Branton is a member of the site, perhaps you’d like to support his business:


I met Bobby years ago!


Belt knives, skinners, folders, flippers, I have a LOT of knives


This is my favorite all purpose woodsman knife… a Kephart replica


Never been a “knife guy” per se, but I like tools and if they work well, that is even better. Pocket knives are my favorites, and while I have owned a few Gerbers and Bucks over the years, my favorite by far was a cheap Coast knife designed by Ron Lake. It is a rapid response (assisted open) knife with a very nice lock for both open and closed position. The knife opens and closes smoothly (due to bearings on the pivot) and stays tight with the handle. The blade is just short of 4" and has a nice serrated section for cutting rope. Unfortunately, the steel is not the best, but it does sharpen nicely.

It is a Coast RX321


Knives never did tick any boxes for me.


Which one do you eat with?


The BIGGEST one of course. Fit’s my mouth