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Seriously Dangerous High Water

Don’t know if you can follow the link to the Video But the River is finally starting to fall up. North but down here in the Gulf is crazy Crazy CRAZY Ships and fleets are breaking loose from their anchors and its definitely stay on your toes time down here. Excuse the language in the video but this was a guy on shore making taking the video and he worked for the same company of the tug that was getting run over by the ship. (Needless to say he was excited) All crewmembers made it off the boat safe and sound


I can’t imagine how you control those big rigs during high water, especially going downstream.

We had severe flooding about 4 weeks ago that put a portion of downtown under water. I live downstream with 3 small islands in the river. When the water started to go down, 2 of the islands merged in to one. I estimate them being 60 yards apart and they had about a depth of 2 feet of water between them. Wonder if it’s going to effect duck hunting and Steelhead fishing. It’s the best spot around. All that sandy area was not there before.



Yea flooding is everywhere and it’s not even spring rains yet. Cairo IL and Memphis TN is fixing to get another bout of flooding.