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Searching for the Blackfly Song aka Little Black Fly

Hi All,

Just joined and the community a couple weeks ago. I absolutely love what I see so far; wonderful lessons and resources. I’m just getting back into banjo after having not played for almost 30 years, I don’t know what I was thinking but I;m glad to be back to to find such a great resource on line.

My uncle plays guitar and one his favorite songs is Little Black Fly or The Blackfly Song. Does anyone know of tab available for that song? I’d love to learn it and jam with him.

I haven’t had much luck searching Google and Youtube so I’m putting this out there.

Cheers y’all,

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Welcome @maggie.williams1 ! We are happy that you joined and take it from me… you WON’T REGRET IT!

I am not a website leader… nor a moderator… but just a simple, grateful student and am so happy and proud to be a Lifer!

I’m learning Banjo (3 years) and just got me a Mandolin!

A word of advice, Come to the Forum often and I hope you are inspired to contribute…

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Hey @maggie.williams1! Glad to have you! I’m sorry, but I don’t recognize that song title. Perhaps you can find a video of it and post here.

Welcome @maggie.williams1. Is this the song?

Hey WillCoop1, thanks for the welcome. That’s funny because I was thinking about getting a mandolin too, and a uke. I don’t want to get too ambitious though cause I won’t get anything done. Fingers are sore and calluses are developing nicely though.


Hi Ben, thanks for that. Here’s a vid of a guy on guitar and singing it. Found some others including a guy on banjo, but I think he’s just picking chords. I grew up listening to my uncle and this was my favorite. Of course my uncle does it way better. Just sayin…

Hey Woodshed, yes indeed, that’s the song. That sounds pretty odd though compared to what I grew up on, but yeah. Thanks for finding that. I found some others and I just posted one of them on Ben’s reply.

Here are printed chords and lyrics courtesy of a user on Ultimate-Guitar…

Here’s another from mad dog mcrea

Wow, you’re awesome bud. That’s a great start. Thanks a bunch.

Welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum Maggie. Could it be Blue Tail Fly ?

Thanks for the welcome Archie. Yep, it’s Blackfly I’m looking for, but thanks.

I do like that though. I really like clawhammer and I’d like to try it some day.