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Searching for Artist of "Ain't No Grave"


I am trying to find an artist who recorded a fairly popular song called “Ain’t No Grave”.

I found via Pandora that a lot of people have recorded it.

The artist(s) I’m searching for are a husband and wife duo. Wife sings, husband plays guitar.

What I can remember is that the husband is around 20 years older, and near the beginning of the video, it showed a weathered tombstone of a baby angel, or baby child.

I also remember at the end, the husband did a really rocking, quite distorted solo on electric guitar in which he played a few harmonics. His name may have been Buddy.

That’s all I got. If someone can name the artist, I would really appreciate it.


Sorry that I don’t know the artists you are looking for, but Molly Skaggs version with Bethel has been getting a fair amount of play from me lately.

Hey Mike…Actually I found it. It is Buddy and Julie Miller. The song is called “All My Tears”. Oops. :roll_eyes:

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