Scuba Certification


My Christmas gift last year was a scuba certification class. I put it away for a while since I knew surgery was coming up. I took the paperwork out this weekend and saw that it expired at the end of this month, so now I’m rushing to get everything done. Anyone here have scuba experience?

The reason I wanted to get certified is because we’re planning to go to the Red Sea next summer and I thought it would be the coolest thing ever to explore the reefs and shipwrecks there.


Maybe you could find some ancient egyptian chariots :wink:


@BanjoBen my only experience was a supervised dive on the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns of the Queensland Coast Australia back in 1994. It was amazing.


My friend Ken, a very experienced diver, is also going to the Red Sea next year for the same reason. I’ll get you in touch with him.


Hi @BanjoBen I just watched the BBC documentary “Drowning in Plastic” and I was shocked to see what has been happening to our rivers and oceans these past twenty odd years.


This is a personal pet peeve. They have your money. Why does it expire!?!? :rage::angry::rage::angry:


Technically it expires 12 months from purchase (which was at Christmas), but their last course for the year is this month. I get it.


Ah… “It’s a profit deal”


If you can still get in the last class, I would do it. I did the NAUI and PADI certifications ages ago, and enjoyed every minute. Not terribly stressful or complicated. Red Sea diving should be fantastic. My best experience was in the Hawaiian Islands, esp., near Maui and worst off Atlantic City , NJ. Alternatively, see if you can finagle a grace period due to traumatic surgery.


I’m enrolled in the PADI course and good to go! I’ve done my book learnin’ and have confined pool dives next weekend, then open dives in a quarry last weekend in October. I’m excited!