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Scruggs 'Home Sweet Home'

I’ve been learning this one watching an old YouTube video of Earl playing it. I’m getting a bit stuck on that bit up the neck that he plays later, (not the bit he plays first time when going up and down the neck) where he kind of jump back and forth and then down the neck. Hope you know which bit I mean :thinking:
Anyone know if there is a tef and tab of it anywhere.? Or a slow vid of someone showing that fingerings. I think I may have worked it out but seems quite awkward. So wanted to check if I had it right. Earl of course plays it with ease. :blush:

If you have a video link and a time in the video where it happens, it might help us know exactly the part you’re talking about.

Hi Jono,
Think I may know the areas you’re having trouble with. Ben helped me out with this a while back. Hope this is it; and this video he sent me helps.

Butch B.

Home Sweet Home

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The variation he plays later are syncopated pinches up the neck very quickly. It’s in print, in the Scruggs book. A ‘must have’.

In the original printing it’s called The Old Folks.

Thanks for that. It’s actually the later variation I’m having trouble with. That video is really helpful on all the fingerings though. :+1:

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Yep that’s the bit I mean. Around 3.54 he moves into it on this video. Think he only does it once. Home Sweet home

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Here’s a quick video showing how he jumps back and forth b/t the 3 different C chord positions.


Yay! That’s it! Thanks so much @BanjoBen . It’s pretty tricky to keep landing on the right frets at speed. Though you and Earl make it look easy :wink: :+1:

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A little C scale Waypoints practice might help out with that, huh?


Hi Jon

The only way to keep landing on the right frets at speed. Is to practice slowly, as you gain accuracy through repetition, increasing speed in small increments i.e. 5 bpm or less. It’s all about hand eye coordination at first and training the brain to memorise locations and distances, once you get that down speed will follow. The emphasis should be on accuracy not speed.


Thanks Archie. Yes I always want to run before I can walk as the saying goes :stuck_out_tongue: I will practise it slowly until my brain gets it tatoed in there. :+1:

Very true Mark. :wink:

Hope I’ve got this right. Just need to repeat it over and over.


How do I embed this video?

I embedded it for you. I think you were just missing an Enter key after the link.

Sure sounds like you got it to me! Nice job!

How do I embed on here then Mark? Thanks for doing that BTW :+1:

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The embedding usually happens automatically, but I think you have to hit the enter key after you paste in the link. That’s all I did on your post to make it work.

Well I posted it from my phone and tried all different ways but it always ended up as a link. Perhaps you can only embed from a pc then.

I changed it from my iPhone. Not sure why you had a problem. :man_shrugging:

I’ll experiment… Hopefully I can delete it again :+1::wink: