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Scottish Accent - Gunnar

Hi Gunnar, I thought I would continue this conversation here.

Gunnar Some Scottish accents are just as difficult to understand as some Irish accents. I am sure the same is true in parts of the US.

Here are few samples of Scottish regional accents. I could have included many many more but since most of the video’s I researched were extremely funny and entertaining they also included profanities and therefore decided it inappropriate to post links here.

Doric - Aberdeenshire

Dumbartonshire Accent


Scottish Borders Accent

Awesome :joy: I love accents (all accents) I can do a few different British ones, a Scottish one (sometimes) an Irish one, I can do Welsh when singing come thou fount of every blessing, I can do an Australian accent, a Cape colored, a few varieties of American, Italian, Spanish, French, Mexican, I can even do American, Mozambican and Brazilian, in Portuguese. Oh, and Indian. I would absolutely love to visit Scotland, It’s one of my dream destinations

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I am sure one day you will visit Scotland. It may seem small on a world map but not that small when your here. It’s packed full of interesting people and beautiful places to visit.

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You speak Brazilian Portuguese?

I can. I usually speak African Portuguese cuz it’s more relevant, (here) but I can do Brazilian too