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Scooping the fretboard

Hi All

Just thought i would create a thread for this as people might be interested in doing some scooping of there own…



I’ve never seen that done before. Cool. I assume this helps to eliminate ‘clicking’ of your pick on the fretboard when you are picking in the so-called “Y” position for the more mellow sound? Thanks!

It does yes but i did it because i found that i was hitting it while picking as on that model of Mando it really is quite long compared to others…

Impressive work

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Thanks was worried I might screw it up but turned out ok :grinning:

Easy compared to making these I guess…


Wow, great job! Some folks go back and put silver pin striping where the frets used to be, but not necessary. Thanks for posting!

No probs Ben happy to contribute and I think it looks good without TBH :+1:

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I guessing you accomplished the scoop using a router and then smoothed it with a sanding block? A few tips would be helpful. You did a nice job on it.

I second @MissMaggie - Awesome job.

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Hi Mole…

Yes i used a hand held Dremel with a 3mm Router bit, which TBH was tricky to get level which i achieved by taping two blocks of wood either side of the fretboard

Once i had routed the bulk off i used a sanding block to get all the router marks out and then waxed it to a final finish

Let me know if you need anymore advice

Thanks for the tips. I may give it a try on my el cheapo mando.

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