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Scales and arpeggios

I’ve been thinking about concentrating on scales and arpeggios. Partially to gain a better understanding of the fretboard geography and to work on fingering, both left and right hand. Any thoughts on this and its importance to playing banjo?

Not sure if this can apply to banjos or not, cause I don’t know any, but when I play guitar, I often find patterns even more helpful.

eg. the five patterns of the minor pentatonic scale.

I think it’s quite important though not as impending as other instruments. When you play a roll on a banjo, you are playing an arpeggio. @randyimhoff, have you done my intro to melodics?

Thanks. I have not done that lesson yet. I’m working my way through the beginners lessons. I will look at the intro to melodics though. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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