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Sam Bush getting a new Banjo Player

This may need to be on the “Banjo Forum” but I just saw an Instagram that The Sam Bush Band introduced a new banjo player. Wes Corbett was announced, replacing Scott Vestal. Vestal is probably my favorite banjo player, at leastthat I’ve seen live. I’m sure Wes going to hit the ground running.

I have seen some pictures of Cody Kilby and Patrick McAvinue with Scott Vestal in a studio. I wonder what kind of project they have going.

Sorry, not a lot of people I can talk to about banjo players making changes. :slight_smile:


I’ve been in a few workshops with Wes Corbett and saw him at the Station Inn with his band last November. He’s a great guy and teacher and obviously a stellar player. What a great opportunity for him. Look forward to what’s next for Scott Vestal.