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October 2 will mark two years since Jesus came into my heart. So thankful that his Spirit didn’t stop convicting me. :grin::angel:


That is sooo great!! Happy spiritual birthday!!!:rofl:


Thanks @Siah


AMEN! October 7 marks 6 years since I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ for the salvation of my soul.

These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. -1 John 5:13 KJV

Oh I know, oh I know 'cause the Spirit lives in me
The Spirit of the Son says a son I’ll ever be
Well, I can be assured that my home is up on high
I’ve found it in the word of the One who’ll never lie!

Be assured, be assured if you’ve trusted in the Lord
All who call on His name are gonna live forevermore (Ron Block)


AMEN!! Praise the Lord for His grace and mercy!
I can’t remember the exact date of my salvation, but I remember calling on Christ to save me, and he did!!
Happy Spiritual Birthday!!


Its been two years bu it feels like it was yesterday. I was baptized in the middle of november… By my dad…in a creek. Talk about freezing i had one of my best sayings that day as i shared my testimony before i went in, it went like this. “I would rather spend a few moments in cold water than an eternity in fire”-Tucker Dennis
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I got saved August 16, 2016 when I was 11 years old. I have not doubted my salvation since! I am so glad that God saved a sinner like me!!!


@tucker That is wonderful news!! I’ve been born-again for 46 years now and have NO regrets. If we never meet in this life, I’ll see you in heaven.

God bless,


Thank You @Chuck_R maybe we will run into each other at a Revival meeting someday!

Where you raised in church

@tucker yes

I Actually celabrated 2 years end of august!! I got saved at revival meetings when i was 14 years old. if anyone unsaved is reading this, dont wait!! Get saved sooner rather than later. you will NEVER regret it :wink:


I got saved about a month after going to one down in N.C . He preached hell and about people who waited to late and went to hell. I wanted to go down to the altar but the devil kept me from it. For the whole month after i would go to bed scared of falling a sleep knowing that if i died that I would go to hell. Then on Oct. 2nd 2018 on a Tuesday night i went to church and i was being convicted but yet again i stayed in that pew and went home and my dad(who is a preacher) asked me if God’s Spirit was dealing with me and i couldn’t hold back anymore and i got saved right in my living room at 10:40 and I’ve never regretted it either