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Salt Creek from an old Banjo Ben video

Thought I would have a stab at this intermediate version and I liked this old version that Ben posted on YouTube a while back.
I’m not there yet and I still want to get some of those fancy bits that Ben put in. Anyway this is as far as I got so far, hopefully I can put in some more of Ben’s bells and whistles a little later. :wink:


Nice job! You even played the descending / ascending run cleanly every time. That’s not easy!

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Thanks Mark, took a few goes to get it right :smile:

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Nice & clean with a tidy, crisp ending!

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Nice and clean!

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Good Job Jon, I have tried to learn several different arrangements of this tune with little success. I’ve yet to try Bens version which I hope to do this year once I get through my to do list.

Great job, @Jono!!

Thanks @BanjoBen :+1: Still trying to get that pull off on the first string consistent. Sometimes I seem to deaden the note with my other finger which is annoying. I’ll keep practising. :wink:

Hi Jon, Cheer up 10 years on and I am still trying to perfect pull offs. :joy::rofl::rofl::star_struck:

Glad it’s not just me then Archie :rofl:
Why does @banjoben always make it look so easy. :grin:

Because he is gifted. The Good Lord has seen to that.

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God is good, but I’m good at editing, too!


Ha! The secrets out! :laughing: :wink:

Great Job!!!

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Thanks birddog :+1:

Jon, ya stuck it. Nice job.

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