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Sad to go

Hey guys, due to some medical issues and financial burdens, im having to suspend my membership for a while. I will be back as soo. As possible. This is the best learning site i have ever seen. Ben you are the greatest and my leaving doesnt mean i dont love your site and teaching methods bud. I will be back as soon as im able to swing things…till then yall keep pickin and grinnin. Catch ya on the flip side.



Really sorry to hear about that, Teddy. You can still come here to the forum, though. It’s free to anyone who wants to use it. Please do so to keep us posted of your issues. Hope things turn around for you quickly.


Will definitely be praying for you Teddy!!! God’s Speed!!


Thanks for that info. I thought forum was only for members. So i can still stop in for a spell and chat. And keep up with the on goings.



Hi @Fred1 Teddy when you suspend your GoldPick Membership you revert to the Silver Free Membership and as far as I am aware retain all the privileges of the Free membership which includes access to this Forum. I wish you well and pray that you quickly overcome your medical & financial problems.

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Absolutely you can stay on the forum, please don’t leave us :slight_smile:


Hey Fred

It saddens me to think that one of the reasons is financial and im in no way well off but i’m prepared to give you the monthly subscription costs to continue your learning if that would help until you can afford to pick it up again

just let me know if this is something you are comfortable with and i hope your health issues are sorted out soon

Take care


I appreciate that. But as i wont be able to pick up a instrument for 3 months due to surgery, its best to suspend it. I expect to hopefully be back learning by fall. But thank you so much for the offer. That says a lot about the caliber of folk here. Just reinforces what a great site this is.


No problems Fred please keep well and hope to see you here again very soon.

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That’s very sweet and generous of you Lee. Very representative of the spirit and family feel of our little community. Good on ya :wink:


Just because you have to suspend doesn’t mean you have to leave the forum! Please let me know how I can help you. Will be praying for you!


:pray:ing for you Fred. I can’t image not being able to play, music is my life.