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Russ Carson's VLOG of Ricky Scaggs & Kentucky Thunder 2017 Tour

I’ve been enjoying Russ’ VLOG on his Youtube channel 81 Crowe documenting the 2017 Ricky Scaggs & Kentucky Thunder western US and Canada MEGA Tour, playing various venues and festivals. Looks like a lot of fun. Having lived in Seattle and British Columbia for many years, I am very familiar with the locales and enjoy that aspect.

But the tour and the behind the scenes stuff I find fascinating. When they fly, Russ breaks down his banjo - tuners, resonator, strings, everything - to secure in his hardened shipping case for the trip and then rebuilds it again at the destination. They scare up a pick up jam here and there or in a locale music store, visit the locale sites, meet new people, and just hang out at the hotel or on the tour bus. I love experiences like this and the camaraderie it develops.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out. Day 1 of the trip is the first link above and from there you can find your way to the rest of the trip. Enjoy.



Cool! Russ and I are going to fly around middle Tennessee a bit tomorrow morning. I’ll try to capture some video of our antics.


Oh, that’d be great.