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Rovin Gambler

So I love this video for a number of reasons. Love to hear others feedback. First of all, Sam Bush is awesome. He seems like the kind of guy you could literally just say “play” and could do anything without knowing the song, the key, or the chord progression he could kill it no matter what. Then there’s Billy Strings who looks like a mix between a kid coming from worship band practice and someone who won a contest to be on stage with Dierks Bentley for a song. At the beginning he reminds me of me at cabin camp just excited that I figured out the chords to the song in the jam circle. But then he takes a break. And then another one. The expression on Dierks Bentleys face is great. I would love to know what he said to him after the second break. A fun video to watch either way.


The combination of live music and Sam Bush is just a beautiful thing. When he is playing iwth a group like this, it just seems like he has beginners excitement (evening though he is king of jam music to me). I just feel better when I watch Sam Bush play like this!

Billy Strings is another that is so good at playing and improvisiong. He’s shows are are just a great experience.

Thanks for sharing @scott_wilson


This is a fun video to watch for sure, and it’s always fun to see such talented folks having a good time and letting us take a peek! By the time the song was over, even I was tired!